Talaat Captan

Talaat Captan- The pioneer of Air Hollywood

In the year 1988, Talaat Captan founded Air Hollywood – the one stop for filming any airport movie scene. The studio has an amazing stock of various real life props that are necessary to shoot an airport scene. It is situated in Los Angels, the heart of the California. Talaat Captan is a pioneer in the television industry with 30+ years of steady experience. He embarked on a special journey when he started building Air Hollywood.

The challenges he faced during the filming of Ground Control influenced him to think differently. During this phase he faced terrible issues with regards to shooting an Airplane sequence. After this struggle, Talaat Captan decided to build the most precise and realistic studio ever!

Specialties of Talaat Captan Air Hollywood

Out of the box Aviation Production

Do you have a fascination for movies and television programme ? Then you might be aware of the iconic programme like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “Modern Family”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Get him to the greek”. Curious why these names are popping up in this context? Well the real life experience of these movies were shot in none other than Talaat Captan Air Hollywood. Due to this ‘out of the box’ picturization of a real life airport, Talaat Captan has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback over time.

Once you are inside the set, you will surely be confused about whether you are inside an actual airport! Air Hollywood comprises of four distinctive sound stages with various essential setups like jet mock up, fabrication mill, airline interiors and cockpits. Due to this extraordinary setup Talaat Captan Air Hollywood have received several big clients like Disney, WB, HBO, NETFLIX and LIONSGATE over the years. 

Retro themed Pan Am Experience

After developing a world class airline studio he fulfilled most of our dreams. He developed a fabulous dining space with all the required amenities in Pan Am 747. So if you are dreaming about experiencing the long lost wartime days, just visit this restaurant. The Pan Am experience provides you with both fun and exotic dishes. Thereby if you visit once then it is quite sure that you are going to visit it again to get the quintessential experience.

Talaat captan’s educational initiative

It is a normal thing that there are a large number of people who have a fear of traveling high. Talaat Captan Air Hollywood took a significant initiative to reduce these challenges. Various public programme are included in this educational initiative to influence and garner the confidence in people to a certain limit. Among these programme the ones that steal the show include K9 Flight, Fearless Flight and Open Sky for Autism. Open Sky with Autism is developed only to provide assistance to children with special needs and employ a certain amount of confidence in them. The other two programme provides training sessions in regards to the safety and security function of Airplanes. People having pets are also welcomed in this programme to get better knowledge about the needs and necessities of airplane training. From 2014 onwards these non profit organization have gained an emotional connection of more than 5000 families.

Realistic Stock footage

The extraordinary idea of a licensing and designing programme has influenced a ton of film producers to invest on stock footage. Talaat Captan rivalry consists of more than 70mm showscan library and 35mmTWA film archive of stock footage. The HD transferred stock footage are globally secured through various associated measures like National Geographic, Corbis Motion, T3 Media and Getty Image. There are several advertisers and film producers who faced a challenge with tight budget in respect to photography. This initiative will provide them with both an assurance of picture perfect stock footage along with improved viewers as well.

The track record of success Talaat Captan enjoys is almost invincible hard to forget. Through his magnificent ideas he has been able to raise more than $2billion funds for support facilities and television properties.