Air Hollywood – A Dream Aviation Setup by Talaat Captan

Do you want to shoot an iconic take-off or a mesmerizing airplane scene for your film or TV show? Air Hollywood is the place to be.

Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed studio and prop is the brainchild of a global business magnet and the self-proclaimed aviation geek, Talaat Captan. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Air Hollywood specializes in aviation-themed sets, airplane mock-ups, airline interiors, backlots, props, live events, design, and fabrications. Founded in 1998, Air Hollywood accommodates 4 aviation stages including an airport terminal standing set, beautiful airline interiors, cockpits, and executive jet mock-ups. The studio also shelters a 10,000+ sq. ft design & fabrication mill and a 20,000 square foot prop house replete with aviation-themed hand props and set dressing. With its perfection setting, Air Hollywood encourages the fearful flyers to soar high and experience the golden age of aviation luxury without taking-off.

Air Hollywood is a blessing for many film industry veterans who want to shoot a plane scene as it provides airplane and airport terminal sets for use in several film and television shows. Each of the giant film studios including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and more have been its valuable clients. Additionally, famous productions such as ‘Modern Family’, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ have also been shot in Air Hollywood. With time, this exclusive aviation motion picture studio has emerged as the most thriving and world’s premier provider of aviation-themed production services that produces footages for use in several film and TV shows. Talaat has also established long-term relationships with high-profile clients including all the major Hollywood studios, television networks, independent producers, and advertisers. He has always tried to rise like a phoenix against all odds in life and has successfully established pertinent brands under his wings.

Pan Am Experience – Relive the Golden Age of Air Travel

If you want to relive the magic of flying in the luxurious Pan Am 747, get into the Pan Am time machine and travel back in time with the Pan Am Experience that recreates the golden age of air traveling to provide authentic flying experience to its guests. The Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood is the center of attraction for many people. Founded by Talaat Captan, Pan Am Experience offers extravagant Pan Am 747, a luxurious retro-themed dining event that is hosted weekly for aviation enthusiasts. This elaborate dinner theater also provides ongoing operational support including facilities, ticketing, production staff, and promotional resources and provides everything to visitors to let them experience a nostalgic classic ride.

Fearless Flight, Open Sky for Autism, and K9 Flight School – Go Fearless and Soar High

Talaat Captan’s Air Hollywood is an educational program institute that supports set dressing rentals, stock footage licensing (APEX Stock) and other design licensing programs. This aviation-themed studio administers public programs that aim at educating Autism people to overcome all their flying fears and enjoy their flying experience. These public programs include Fearless Flight, Open Sky for Autism, and K9 Flight School that use immersive environment to help people with special needs and their families to have a happy and safe flying experience. The organization hosts several “travel simulation” events in Los Angeles on a quarterly basis, publishes educational resources, and supports airline industry compassion to provide exceptional value and to change the lives of many specially-abled people and their families. The organizations have successfully managed to help and change the lives of more than 5000 people and their families over 30 years.

Tallat Captan believes in innovation and inspiration, and by developing his own Aviation set up, he has established a new benchmark in the film and television industry. His flamboyance and the air he carries, often make him an epicenter of gossips. However, his out-of-the-box ideas and constant endeavors have made him an iconic exemplar and billionaire entrepreneur behind the gigantic brand – Air Hollywood.